Russell Westbrooks’ brother Raynard Westbrook

Raynard Westbrook is the younger brother of NBA superstar Russell Westbrook. Raynard was a Central Oklahoma University football player in his previous life. He transferred after completing his first year at El Camino College and went on to complete his next four years at UCO.

Who is Raynard Westbrook?

Raynard was born on May 2, 1991 in Long Beach, California and attended Leuzinger High School. He was a standout basketball player in high school, and he was even offered a scholarship to play college basketball at the University of Oregon. Ray’s freshman year at Leuzinger High School was rough. He wanted to fit in and spent his time trying to be popular, and his academics suffered. His classes were a struggle. His grades were a mess. However, Raynard decided to turn down the offer and instead focus on his studies. He eventually graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in communication and media studies.

Raynard Westbrook is an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with! He is the proud owner of “Westbrook Wear”, a clothing line inspired by the style and personality of his brother, NBA point guard Russell Westbrook. Raynard is also the Chief Content Officer of Russell Westbrook Enterprises, which is focused on investments and partnerships. On top of that, Raynard has a restaurant called “Westbrook Eats” which serves up delicious dishes inspired by the favorite foods of both the Westbrook brothers. His hard work and dedication have paid off, as his net worth is estimated to be around five million dollars.

Russell Westbrooks’ sibling Raynald is an incredible example of how family can be such an important part of success in life. His unwavering support for his brother has helped propel Russell to become one of the greatest players in NBA history, and it is clear that their bond will continue to grow stronger as time goes on.

Raynard Westbrook football

Raynard Westbrook
Raynard Westbrook

Raynard Westbrook was an American college football player who transferred to the University of Central Oklahoma after spending his freshman year at El Camino College. Despite being ineligible to play during his first season at UCO, in 2011, he was expected to be the back-up running back the following season. Unfortunately, Raynard was never able to fulfill this opportunity and never played football for UCO.

Raynard Westbrook weight loss

Raynald Westbrook had a difficult journey to his 30th birthday, having set a goal of losing 100 pounds despite his depression. Initially, it seemed that his family’s sporting background had set him up for success, yet his physical health posed the most significant challenge. Following a knee operation, he was forced to rest, which led to him comfort eating his favorite food and putting on excessive weight. With dedication and effort, he spent two hours a day at Athletic Republic, a gym near the area of the former Thunder practice facility. Eventually, through his hard work and perseverance, he achieved his goal and proudly celebrated his 30th birthday.

Raynard Westbrook girlfriend

Raynard Westbrooks, age 32, is in a relationship with Ash whom he is dating since 2017. Although he has not been married, couple has adopted a boy named Kyle who is 14 years old in 2023. He and his girlfriend keeps posting their cute photographs on their instagram handles. posted his girlfriends pictures on her birthday as well as on valentine’s day. Ash also posted a photograph of her kid and Raynald on the fathers day.

Russell Westbrook parents

Russell Westbrook parents and family
Russell Westbrook parents and family

Russell Westbrook’s parents are Russell Westbrook Sr. and Shannon Horton. His father was a former basketball player at UCLA and his mother was a school teacher. Growing up, Russell was very close to his parents and they were both very supportive of his basketball career. They encouraged him to work hard and strive for excellence in everything he did. His parents have been a major influence in his life and have helped him become the successful athlete he is today. Shannon and Russell Westbrook always encouraged their boys, Russell and Raynard, to stick together. They lived in Los Angeles neighborhoods where drugs, fights and gunshots were part of the fabric of their lives, so knowing who to trust was difficult.

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